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Internet Marketing - A Next Generation Strategy

Internet marketing is all about promoting a brand, product, or services over the internet. It includes email marketing, social media marketing, and electronic customer relations. Internet marketing has shortened the regularity of advertising in newspapers, television, radio and magazines.

Internet has the capability of connecting people of the entire world and this is why promoting your business on the internet will also expose it to millions of your target market. This is the only way where you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money behind ads yet it reaches the maximum number of target audience.

Internet marketing has changed its plans in different ways. Here are few recent trends that will come into practice in 2014.

Maximum user of Mobiles and tablets:

A study by IDC says that 2017 might see 87% hike on the sales of smartphones and tablets which mean that companies will have to work developing their mobile apps which will run smoothly on tablets and smartphones and using ads in various popular apps. Google now has offered Enhanced Adwords, in response to the current and future demand of the market. This has helped many companies increase their CPCs by as much as 30%.

A great hike in the market of paid social ads:

Paid social advertising is the most popular advertising media nowadays.  This is because of the excessive use of social media. Many business marketing has seen great results from the paid social ads due to enormous engagement of the users and sophisticated targeting tool.

Facebook news feeds generate more that clicks that the right side ads. LinkedIn offers sponsored updates. If these strategies show more effectiveness like Facebook then many other business channels might see these as a great opportunity to invest and raise more revenue.

Ads via visual content:

Public gets more attracted towards video content than the text based content like blogs or article. Pinterest boards give more revenue income than Facebook and Twitter. One study shows that the perception and retention of the visual information reach 65% versus 10% for text based information. This shows that visual media will be ruling the audience attention in the following years.

Assessment of the marketing tools:

It is very difficult to assess which tool gives more sales, whether it is emails or social networking sites or Pinterest boards or newsletters. Now, this has become easier because new tools has come up with which we can pinpoint which tactics are working and how much and which are not. Google, for example, had come up with attributing Modelling Tool which shows when and where the first contact occurred. New and upcoming technologies will also highlight which channels are valuable.

Digital marketing strategies and facts:

  1. 87% of marketers use social marketing for content distributing.
  2. 80% of users read emails on mobiles and tablets.
  3. 75% of users scroll only first 5 pages of the search results.
  4. 93% of online browsing starts with a search engine.

Internet marketing has been chosen as the best way of promotion by marketers at less cost but reaching the maximum number of target audience. Use of internet by maximum users has brought such a change in the global market.

Summary: Internet Marketing is the latest trend in today’s world of marketing. It has made a global change which is benefiting the marketers at a huge level.

Author Bio:  James is a renowned blogger who writes on internet marketing strategies suggests online store builder services


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