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Responsive Web Design - a latest trend in web, its facts and features

Now, we are living in the twenty first century where internet plays a dominant role. It is because of internet we can do lots of work from the comfort of our home. If we need any information regarding any topic we can easily get it with a single click. The only thing that we need to do is simply type what we are looking for in the Google, the search engine and then we immediately get the required information.

Today, almost all the companies have official sites which include all the valuable information about the services or products that they offer. Rather having an official site has become mandatory. Besides, everyone wants to have a user friendly site so that viewers or users don’t have any difficulty when it comes to accessing the sites. Since the websites contain important information along with pictures about the products that they deal in therefore, easy viewing and navigation of the site is also required. There is an innovative way how one can get a user friendly website that can be easily accessed through different devices, be it a computer or smartphone. This is possible if Responsive Web Design service is taken.

Looking for a responsive web development service has become the recent trend. It is because of the advent of so many smart and handy gadgets like smartphone, netbook and tablet people no longer feel the desire to use their computers or laptops for surfing the internet.

There was a time when people used only PC to check out different types of websites and before the concept of the responsive web design has developed people could not open those sites on their mobile phones because of their unreadable characteristic. At that time websites were designed for PCs only, people could check them by using different browsers like Google chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, things have undergone many changes. Today, accessing different websites in mobile phones or tablets is not only possible but it is easy and convenient for those sites that are designed by using responsive web design principles. Moreover, the sites contain adjustable layouts and scalable images hence it is supported by all the platforms used for accessing those sites. By making use of the responsive web design, companies will find it easier to reach their messages to the targeted audience and at the same time it also helps the websites to receive targeted traffic

Responsive web design principles allow the designers to create a website that offers an optimal viewing experience to the users. It will ensure easy navigation and viewing of the website without making use of the scrolling. It doesn’t matter whether you are using smartphones, tablets or computers, easy accessibility of websites is possible. These websites are designed by using techniques like fluid layouts or proportion-based grids, CSS3 media queries and flexible images.

A fluid grid system in responsive web designs allows the designers to create a layout that will adapt itself to suit any screen size, no matter from which platform the site has been accessed. In case of a responsive web designs, fluid grids and CSS3 media queries work in sync. The media queries permit one to gather information from the user of the site and at the same time it is supported by different browsers.

A responsive web design allows the companies to enjoy a single URL instead of alternative URLs as was the previous norms. However, this approach allows the designers to format the sites in such a manner that they are compatible on different platforms and other operating system. It is because of the media queries, fluid grids, and flexible layouts that designers are able to design websites that have optimal viewing experience.

Some of the benefits of using a responsive web design

It helps the users not to provide too many URLs to the prospective visitors in order to access their websites on different devices. Here multiple URLs represents that one doesn’t have to maintain many websites. It is quite expensive, time-consuming and monotonous job to maintain too many websites. Besides, if you have to make any alternation in the designs or content then responsive web design helps you to make the changes in once only. Besides, this approach also allows the companies to enjoy a user friendly website that can be easily accessed in different devices and hence there is a probability for greater ROI.

A responsive web design has become a recent trend.

Till now many companies have already took the effort to revamp their websites with responsive web design approach so that their clients and users have an easy access of their sites. There are some reasons why this approach has become a trendsetter. The most interesting reason is that the layout remains the same regardless of the screen sizes. It enhances the brand identity. Besides, it ensures easy updates of information. It helps to enjoy a uniform view of the websites through different gadgets or devices. One can see the websites with a resolution of 1024x768, 800x600 and 1920x1080 pixels. Another interesting fact is that it helps in improving SEO rankings. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It helps to increase the site traffic and its rankings. Moreover, it also helps in spreading awareness about the site.


Some of the interesting features of a responsive web development services are as follows:

  • 1. It is highly compatible for different web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.
  • 2. HTML5 compatible
  • 3. Easy to remove parts that you don’t want to keep.
  • 4. Google Analytics snippet that is highly optimized.
  • 5. It has Normalize.css for CSS normalizations and common bug fixes.
  • 6. JavaScript errors in IE6/7 caused because of console.log can be protected.
  • 7. Cross-domain Ajax and Flash

In short, responsive web design is the latest trend and it is best if you switch on to this platform if you wish to retain your position in this ever-changing competitive market. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and switch on to responsive web design today only.

Posted by :- The writer Kimberly Littleton is very much curious for web design services and indeed a good writer.


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