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Tips to design and program a website

Easy things you can do to make your website help promote your company and above all having clear premise good and brief is twice as good. What's going on, where there is movement? On the Internet there are hundreds of millions of web pages, but social networks today are the most popular and visited sites Therefore, it is advisable to have a blog, and register an account on twitter, flickr, digg, YouTube and you can even create your own podcast. Apply your creativity to start moving your site with these new social marketing techniques.

Usability: Navigation is the most important navigation of a website is everything. A web design with poor navigation structure or a poorly designed structure that customers will not find what they want easily and quickly. A web user is on the home page of your website between 30 and 60 seconds, if you are trying to find the time to go, it's likely that this potential customer goes to a web of competition make it easier to understand.

Marketing: Use short messages there are several studies which show that 80% of visitors to a website does not read the content but check it superficially. Therefore, it is advisable to pick up the text thought to use on your website and you reduce by half, once reduced, try to reduce again by half, if you succeed, you will see how your message comes more easily to more users. This message should only include relevant information and differentiates your business. The ideal is to get a short message and to transmit the intended message.

Usability: Simple things, you should not feel confused home page of a website should be clear and simple, without many graphic elements that confuse the user. If a web is saturated with graphics, text files and it can generate confusion and uncertainty to the beholder, whether you're looking or not be on our website. It should be clear that a potential web client is usually a busy person to compare several sites and will stay with you easily and quickly with what you want.

Design: Cover design or homepage All Companies with web call it a master page as a cinema billboard, where the latest news and products or services they wish to highlight is. Now, imagine you are driving down a road and see a sign, you have only seconds to view and process information and evaluate if what you're looking for so call or see their website. A home page or front page of a website should think the same way. Your client should be clear what is going to find on your website in seconds, not worth dizzy.

Marketing: Easy and short web domain web all you have to try to use a domain that is short, easy to pronounce and aim, and easy remember. Also, if your budget allows and if they are free, we suggest you buy the. Com.'s. Net. Etc info a real example of this types of good domain name is win{dot}com. It is also advisable that the domain containing the name of your company or brand or keywords that interest you. Briefly We, a website for a company has to follow a pattern of corporate image and identity defined by the logo, brand, stationery and other marketing materials, sales and promotion. Also, if this is so, put the web address of your business on all stationery and promotional materials. SEO.

Search engines see things differently A page or web design can be very easy to use for customers, but at a web search engine may seem just the opposite, indexing and positioning difficult. A website should be easy for users (good web design, usability, navigation and well-developed content) and should also be easy to index for search engines (positioning is done organically or naturally thanks to the content created containing a density correct keywords, page names and descriptions of the desired or appropriate indexing structure web browsing, GOALS, links, site map and sitemap.xml file, and more specific things for each case) sections. A good ranking in web search engines is a big plus.

Analytics: Measures and analyzes statistics and results Ensure that our website has lots of visitors and is known is something we all want, but you must consider whether all these visits become shopping or other purposes (contact, high newsletter, ...). This analysis will lead to conclusions about whether a section / page can be improved and get more sales targets or web promotion. With analytics visitor statistics and sales results or objectives can continually improve the different sections of a web page so that the sales targets increase safely, since they are based on actual data, not theories or probabilities. How cheap can not be so cheap You may have a neighbor or a worker who design web pages, but keep in mind that not only need a computer to be a web designer (same doctor who is not having a first aid kit aid). It is best to leave the work of design and web programming to a specialized company.


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