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Web Design The Most Vital Element of Marketing

A lot of business management tends to overlook the significance of web design in the context of the general marketing performance. However, the truth is it can create or shatter any marketing campaign, in particular to the facet of the online marketing. Various promotions and branding organization in and around the world look to provide the ultimate solution in this perspective.

Initiate Brand Awareness

While the main motive of the each and every campaign is to grabs people’s awareness and get maximum attention in this circumstance. The design of the website will actually decide whether or not the target market will make the final purchase. So here are few strong point of view to establish the significance of proper web design in the milieu of the overall marketing campaign.

Induce Reliability

Studies confirm that about 75 percent of the target audience judge the reliability of a business anchored in the design of the website. Certainly, the integrity of the purchase decision of the target audience has a direct relation to the way a company presents itself through its website. This means that poorly designed website will tend to lose customer more than its counterpart. One need to make sure that the website conveys the authenticity and reliability of the business, which is habitually judged by the eminence of the web design.

Direct Conversion Rate

Another strong point in perspective of the web design is that; it has a direct crash on the conversion rate. Altering simply the layout of a web page in purpose of the marketing campaign can create big lifts in the overall conversion rate of the potential customer. In the competitive marketing scenario, small lifts in the conversion can give the competitive edge over the rivals, and equally reap more profit.

Bridge between Offline and Online Mode

Even if one is advertising in the offline vehicle, target audience will try to go online and check out the website. It’s like that the website is performing as a modernized business card. One also needs to confirm that the designing of the website reflects all the marketing efforts done offline "as well". However, a disorganized visual appearance can lose the projected impact. One needs to offer a consistent design and familiarity to carry on the prospect’s conversation from offline mode to the online aspect.

Augment Visual Appearance

Talking of enduring the conversation, one also needs to make sure that the brand’s message is clearly projected on the website. Visual appearance of the business through the website is one very important ingredient of the brand’s central message; as it communicates what the brand is all about. Therefore, one will obviously want the design to create an excellent first impression, along with leaving a long-term impression on the minds of the target audience.

In the context of web design, user interface, usability, and site architecture are the most essential part to be considered. Enhancing these aspects, ultimately results in a lesser discard rate, more time spent on the site, improved referrals and enhanced conversion gateway. Therefore to capitalize on the results of the marketing campaign, one needs to labor on upgrading these aspects of design.


Web design is imperative in context of the marketing campaign. It impacts upon the efficiency of a crusade every way. Therefore it is a smart choice to spend in quality web design, to raise the bar.

Author’s Bio: - James is a regular blogger presently trying to get insight of the web design and marketing. Though his main focus is on branding and marketing agencies in and around Leeds, yet he studies any new and interesting information he finds in the marketing aspects.


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