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Why Should You Use Vector Graphics In Design?

We see several images everyday, be it on web, billboards, books and in places that we visit. These images are meant to convey a message to its target audience. Hence, people working in a web design NYC should focus on clarity of the images in website designs.

Digital images can be divided into two classes, raster images and vector graphics. They may produce similar results, but are totally different. While the former is used for the purpose of portraying life-like images, the latter is used for showing abstract images such as logos.

Mathematical definitions are used by vector graphics. Each line in a drawing comprises points that interconnect them. They are defined in terms of height, width, curve, ratio and proportion. As vector graphics render themselves in the space that has been given to them, they are resolution independent.

Vector graphics are often used in graphic designing. Here, we shall be discussing the various benefits of using vector graphics in web designing, so that you could know why it is a favorite with most designers.

• Easy creation

Creating drawings is quite easy on vectors; however, it can produce an output that is complex-looking. These are done by using Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. All the three programs are user-friendly, giving you the freedom to express your ideas and creativity through the help of tools. You will surely be happy with the result that you get.

• Scalability

This happens to be the greatest benefit of vector graphics. Drawings made on vector can be scaled to any size that you want, without losing the quality. You can make it as large as a billboard and as small as a letter hand. Hence, it is the most popularly used image type for creating company logos. Professionals involved in web design NYC, always like his or her design to be scalable so that it can be used in various mediums. So, a vector image can be put into multiple use. However, there is a demerit; in case you reduce the size of the image too much, fine lines become invisible, and if you make it too large, even tiny mistakes become visible.

• No image distortion

Image distortion menace can be done away with vector graphics, which can be enlarged without causing any distortion to them. Thus, allowing you to use the image in various sizes. The image remains absolutely sharp in each of them. There's no blurriness whatsoever.

• Easy re-edit

The components in vector images can be manipulated individually. You need not repeat the whole design when you edit it. With this, all you need to do is select the parts that you want to edit and then do the job. Thus, it saves a lot of time on your part. It can be edited to contain some attributes like fill, outline and colour.

• It has smaller file size

A smaller file size is always easy to transfer. This is the reason behind people choosing vector images. So, if you make a big image, its size will still be smaller compared to the images in Photoshop.

• Complexity dictates the file size

As it has been discussed in the former point, vector images are small files. It is based on how difficult or complicated an image is, or how complex the points are or how intricate the lines are. The size of these images are not based on the colour depth or size.

• Vector images look good in print

These look much sharp and crisp in print. It is much easier to print, causing no problems in viewing the square stuff in your image, which appears clear and precise.

Professionals in web design NYC swear by vector graphics; use them for getting more useful and editable designs.

Author's bio:-Will Brown is a popular name as far as web design is concerned at topwebdesignny{dot}com. He has a vast experience of 15 years in the field.


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